Class 1 Certificates


Class-1 Certificates are personal email Certificates that allow you to secure your email messages. These Certificates can be used to:

Digitally sign email - You can digitally sign your email messages using SNK ETAX-RA Personal Digital Certificate so that the recipient is assured that the email has come from you.

Encrypt email - You can encrypt emails using SNK ETAX-RA Personal Digital Certificate to prevent unauthorized people from reading it.

Authenticate to Web Servers - You can authenticate yourself to a Web Server to engage in secure communication with Web Server using SNK ETAX-RA Personal Digital Certificate. This protects all information such as credit card details that you send to the Web Server.

Class-1 Certificates however, do not facilitate strong authentication of the identity of the Subscriber; hence are not intended for, and shall not be relied upon, for commercial use where proof of identity is required.