Expatriates – Earning income from country other than India which is taxable in India

If you are a resident of India and also earning income from sources outside India than Taxsum.com would help you to calculate available relief under section 90 (where the source country has entered into agreement with India) or under section 91 (where there is no agreement).

Moreover, if you are a resident of country other than India also, than Taxsum.com would help you to determine taxability of income in India which is earned outside India through tie-breaker rule which is also known as twin-residency rule.

Kindly click below for registration under this special category in order to have a smooth and easy E-Filing.

On successful registration fill in the required details in assessee profile and income details in sources of income selected. If you are a resident of India and have also earned income from outside India from which tax is deducted or tax is paid, than for calculation of available deduction click on ‘Tax Relief’ tab and follow simple steps for calculation of tax relief.